Community and Server Rules:

General community rules for our servers

1. It is forbidden to use cheats that give an advantage over other players (bhop/wh/aim/esp/norecoil, etc.)

2. It is forbidden to use scripts and prohibited client settings ddos attacks, etc.)

3. It is forbidden to use map bugs as an advantage against other players (REPORT THEM INSTEAD) to use them as an advantage against other players.

4. It is forbidden to use monitoring to report the enemy player's position through voice communication/skype/discord or other form of chat media.

5. If the server admin suspects that you are not fair, you should be prepared to be challenged or for the admin to take action against you.

6. Admin can offer you to go to another server which we do to determine if you are using cheats or not.

7. All insults to the players on our servers are prohibited and responding with an insult is considered the same violation. Instead, report to us in the WAFG Team if you have a problem with a player who offends you and we will handle the situation professionally.

8. Trolling and provocation of players/admins is prohibited.

9. Insults based on racial, religious, political or national reasons are prohibited because we are an international Game Community with players from all over the world and everyone is welcome here.

10. It is forbidden to insult and humiliate someone in the format of someone's parents and relatives. The rule applies not only to our servers, but also to all other websites forums, steam groups, discord.

11. Spam in chat and microphone spam is prohibited. Bind commands must not be typed more than 4-5 times in the same minute.

12. Personal voice conversations are allowed as long as they are permanent and do not disturb most of the players on your teams. If you are asked by several people at the same time not to disturb their game, you must respect it.

13. It is forbidden to turn on music in voice commune action and to play with a poorly adjusted or broken microphone.

14. It is forbidden to use sprays that contain bad language or images of pornographic and offensive on the basis of religion, race, nationality.

15. It is forbidden to disrupt the game in any way (throw bombs in inaccessible places, intentionally kill hostages.

16. It is forbidden to use bad words in one's nickname (clan tag) which is related to racist things against nationality, religion.

17. The nickname must not contain words that provoke other players to unwarranted suspicions and aggression.

18. It is forbidden to advertise servers in nicknames, spray and chat, discord.

19. Advertising in the name of the weapon is prohibited.

20. Advertising for third-party gaming portals, sites is prohibited.

21. Links to youtube/twitch channels etc are prohibited only if the anointing channel has something from this list like cheat pages, cheats, Pr for another server project.

22. It is forbidden to indicate, teach, discuss actions of our admins on our servers. Everything is discussed privately or only on the Discord platform

23. If you decide to take a break for more than 5 minutes then use !spec.

24. Admin always has the right to transfer any player to the opposite team to achieve balance.

25. Standing in the same place and killing players all the time is forbidden if it is considered a fair way to play. This applies to our deathmatch servers.

Administrator rights and things the Administrator is required to do

1. Admin is obliged to support the game so that it satisfies the majority of the player regarding the operation in the server.

2. Admin has the right to block a player who cheats, uses ugly words, insults, racist words in the chat or in the microphone.

3. Admin has no right to insult other players

4. Admin is obliged to explain the reason for the ban or dismissal of a player.

5. Admin must not use their strength to abuse other players with etc (commands).

6. If the player who has been banned by the admin filed a protest on discord,sourcebans, then the admin who blocked the player is obliged to respond to the protest within 24-36 hours and explain the reason for the decision.

7. Admin does not have the right to block another admin, but if it turns out that an admin does not follow the current game rules, an admin may block an admin.

8. Admin is not obliged to listen to a player's explanations in the server everything is discussed on discord. An Admin has the right to !gag/!mute if another player starts a discussion in chat/microphone.

9. Admin has the right to change your name in the server if it is considered offensive to religion, nationality or racist words.

10. If a player breaks the rules despite the player receiving a previous penalty, the Admin always has the right to increase the penalty

11. Admin has the right to block a player without a demo or a player with a vac ban / game ban if the admin has suspicions about a player. In a case like this, it is the blocked player who has to prove his innocence by making a demo video of his game that it is not cheating. The demo video made by that player will then be compared to the demo video we have because all our servers have auto recording around the clock.

12. Admin has the right to !gag/!mute/!kick/!ban if a player constantly expresses his displeasure on our servers. If you don't like something or our servers, you can discuss it privately with the Server Owner.

13. When a player is identified using cheats/third-party software, the admin is obliged to record a demo recording or use our demo recording as evidence and which he is obliged to keep for a maximum of 48 hours for proof to the player. If the player contacts the WAFG team after 48 hours, we have no obligation to show any evidence or provide you with service for a long time.

14. Never offend WAFG Team we are only here to help everyone and make everything good for everyone/ show us respect and we will give respect back.

Special rules for ZOMBIE REVIVAL

1. It is forbidden to use spays that contain pornographic and offensive things of religion, race, nationality. We are an international game server, please respect the rules.

2. It is not forbidden for humans and zombies to cooperate.

3. It is forbidden to block players with props.

4. It is forbidden to destroy other people's props, move them, throw bombs at them or shoot at them.

5. It is forbidden to use reconnection to avoid being killed or use !spec.

6. Using server commands related to our sounds or spamming with torch all the time can lead to your rights being taken away from you to use it if it is repeated daily or for a long time.

Other rules

1. A verdict given by a player against another player through the voting team is not negotiable and cannot be rapported or supported.

2. Server rules apply to all players regardless of their status. Ignorance that one does not understand does not absolve you of responsibility.

3. Spreading deliberately false information, viruses, programs that are potentially harmful to software and hardware is prohibited.

4. It is forbidden to threaten any member of the server with physical harm or an admin.

5. A player who does not agree with the punishment can apply for an unban via sourcebans or join our discord and talk privately. If you are rude or have a bad attitude towards us, we will ignore starting a discussion with you and your request will be 100% ignored. If you want to discuss with us, stay on a civilized level.

6. It is strictly forbidden to show racism, Nazism, disrespect for sexual minorities and other similar views. Respect everyone and everyone will respect you.

7. It is forbidden to spread rumors about players and admins.

8. If you broke the rules by mistake and got a punishment try to solve the problem in a good way with the admin who made a decision against you ban,kick,gag,mute.

9. Our project is completely apolitical. Provocative nicknames/avatars/clan tags related to politics directly or indirectly are prohibited. A flag for your country is allowed.

10. We are not obliged to explain our rules to anyone, you are obliged to read our rules and learn to respect them.

11. abusing !calladmin or making fake reports will be punished by a 24 hour ban. Even if you made a mistake, you are obliged to contact us and explain it otherwise we cannot delete your ban or know about your sitavation.

Discord Rules

If someone is banned here, there is a reason for it
We always make a decision together here before someone will be banned from the discord/forum / CS:S server
1: Follow all discord guidelines All of the rules outlined by discord will be strictly enforced by our moderation team. No exceptions.
2: All ages are welcome as we welcome everyone here
3: No racial/homophobic slurs, we have a 0 tolerance policy for use of any derogatory terms used to attack a group of people.
4: No harassment. Harassment of any kind is not tolerated even if it’s meant as a joke. This includes threats, wishing other members harm, encouraging harm, etc.
5: Be respectful
6: No spamming
7: No DOXing. This includes leaking any personal information such as a home address, phone number, social security number, photos, etc.
8: Admins have the final say when it comes to server-related issues/arguments and doesn’t have time to deal with arguments over everything.
9: Don’t tag admins or members for no reason, Unless it’s important or you need assistance from admins, don’t tag them.
10: Don’t beg for roles because roles are earned not given
11: No Advertising
12: No mic spam, blasting loud noises/music in voice chats are not allowed

- We have no tolerance for racist jokes or other ugly words.
- The server is protected with Anti-Swear (Blacklisted words)
- PROBOT also deletes spam messages and other similar things
- Anyone who cannot behave like a normal person will not be allowed to stay here.
- We can accept that people joke with each other but keep it civilized

Rules for players with cheats

All punishments are different, some can be banned for up to 6 months if they have cheated many times on our servers and in some cases even be permanently banned. All punishments are different for all players depending on which cheat they used and how many times and how much damage they caused.